The invisible or the four white

COCO cube

Long Island Iced Tea is a cocktail that deceives the eye and makes one think of an innocent iced tea; in reality, this is not the case, on the contrary, it is one of the most alcoholic cocktails out there.

It would have been born in the 70s in New York, by Robert Butt, who would have created it to participate in a cocktail contest. Another legend, on the other hand, claims that this drink was born in Tennessee during the Prohibition of the 1920s.

In fact, it was forbidden to sell or even consume any type of alcohol: this is the reason why this harmless-looking cocktail was born.

Here is the recipe:

1.5 cl vodka
1.5 cl tequila
1.5 cl white rum
1.5 cl triple sec
1.5 cl gin
2.5 cl lemon juice
3 cl sugar syrup
splash of cola

Pour the ingredients into a highball with ice. Mix and decorate with a spiral of lemon zest and straw.

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