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A long experience

The history of Icematic begins in 1963, when the company that owns the brand decides to start producing ice machines, in order to differentiate the production.

For this reason, in 1985, a large international group decides to invest in Icematic, concentrating here the production of modular ice makers and, at the same time, giving us the task to develop large innovative projects both in technical and mechanical components.

In this period our growth and our specialization continue until reaching the realization of over 6000 modular machines per year, with production based mainly on internal processes.

In the 90s, intercepting a strong market demand, we also begin to build ice storage bins, with the aim of integrating our production and distinguishing our offer from competitors.

Icematic - Production of professional ice makers
Icematic - Production of professional ice makers

New opportunities

In 2013 Icematic enters the large industrial group Ali Group. This represents an important opportunity to gain greater production independence and, above all, to expand the product range and invest in technological innovation. In fact, the production of spray ice machines has already begun in 2014, with an excellent quality / price positioning and the relative conquest of significant market shares.

Continuous innovation

The real breakthrough in terms of innovation comes in 2022, when we launch our “My Ice” APP for remote machine management. Thanks to this exclusive technology, we can guarantee our customers an absolutely customized ice production, based on the specific needs of each reality, with a significant improvement in quality and considerable energy savings.


We create quality with our hands

We are proud to be able to ensure high quality and safety of our products by following their production entirely in our plant, step by step. From the processing of the steel plates for the body, to the construction of the evaporators, up to the final assembly and testing, the entire workflow is carried out internally within the Company. In this way, we trace every step and we are sure of the quality and efficiency of each component, in order to offer safe, efficient and long-lasting commercial ice machines.

Ecodesign principles for the planet

We pay close attention to our impact on the environment and try every day to reduce the weight that our production and our products create. For this reason, when we design, we are inspired by eco-design principles, that lead us for the reduction of consumption both in the production phase and in the products themselves. Our ice machines need lower and lower energy consumption values and the inclusion of innovative technologies allows us to plan the machine’s activity, significantly reducing energy consumption. In addition, the nickel-plating treatments we perform on some components of the machines have a reduced risk of releasing metals into the water, up to 10 times less than the treatments mostly used on the market place.

Icematic - Production of professional ice makers


Reliability that comes from experience

Icematic has been working in the field of commercial ice machine production since 1963, a long path that has allowed us to refine our production technique, experiment with innovative and revolutionary technologies, and build machinery that is more performing, safer and more reliable every day, even in the long run.

Deep knowledge for a global approach

Our long activity has allowed us to develop in-depth knowledge of the whole “ice system”, allowing us to renew it with exclusive patented technologies. The idea of unifying our machines from a technical and management point of view has allowed us to apply small and large revolutions that ameliorate the life of customers using our products.

Technology evolution to improve performance

The development of an APP for controlling ice machines, even remotely, has helped to take a real step forward in the performance of our products and in their ease of use. Time-based planning of ice production, asynchronous management of sanitizing cycles and many other small revolutions for optimal ice production, are customized to the needs of each customer.

Support and listening for customer satisfaction

Our sales team and research and development department work on requests and customer needs, with the aim of anticipating their needs and always providing concrete answers. Our entire activity is based on listening to the customer and on a structured network, that ensures prompt and resolute assistance in case of need, and continuous support, even by remote, for the programming and customization of the functions of the machinery.

Green vocation and respect for the environment

The technological development that distinguishes us aims to a continuous improvement and to the production of machinery with excellent performance and low impact in terms of energy consumption. The management of water and ice production makes it possible to drastically reduce the possible presence of metals, for a purer and more sustainable product. In our business we are committed to constantly reducing our impact on the environment. For this reason, in our new headquarters we have inserted structures for the self-production of sustainable energy and designed a system for the recovery of circulating energy and for the reduction of consumption.

Complete assistance with a professional team

Our large network of resellers is always available to end customers, for quick and effective assistance interventions. The remote technology managed via the App allows us to make remote diagnosis and the retailer to be present both remotely and personally, but already with full awareness of the needs. Cooperation with our resellers is a key point for us to offer reliable products and services to end customers; it is a way to grow together and to establish a lasting and profitable relationship.

Icematic - Design of professional and industrial ice makers


In a kind of conservative market, we are known as innovators trying every day to make the difference both in terms of the technological evolution of our products and the relationship with the customer. Our sales department, made up of 4 sales representatives who cover the various export areas all over the world and a brand manager, responds every day to customer requests in a proactive and collaborative way.









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