Experience, competence and dedication, since 1963.
The long journey in the professional refrigeration field, led us to the construction of efficient and functional machines for ice production, assuring a long durability over time and simplifying our customer’s activities in sector, and more.


Icematic Cherry C28 commercial ice maker machine

A full and structured ice cube, with rounded surfaces for a prolonged beverage cooling. Its particular transparency is highly appreciated in any context of use.

Icematic Maracuja M145 commercial ice maker machine


Full and square ice cube, available in three different sizes DICE, HALF- LARGE and LARGE. The perfect solution for quick beverage cooling.


Icematic Coco K25-30 industrial ice making machine

A hollow ice cube, with a wide
surface for fast beverage cooling.
With a simple and essential shape, it grants an extreme flexibility of use.

Icematic Berries B95-130 commercial flake ice machine


Granular ice is an asset in many sectors, thanks to its multiple uses: from food conservation and display, to cocktails preparation, to applications is SPAs, in the world of cosmetics, in medical and hospital environments.


Icematic Grape G270 commercial nugget ice maker

Nuggets-shaped has the characteristics of being both compact and pleasant to chew, being half-way between granular ice and solid ice cubes.

Icematic Almond A250-400-600 industrial ice maker machine


With an average temperature of -7°C and a thickness between 0,9 and 1,2 mm, the ice made by the Almond line machines is the coldest and driest available, unique in its kind. Solid and dry, ice-flakes have a great surface of contact, for a fast cooling.


A matter of touch

The new My Ice APP grants the possibility to have full control of each single machine, via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
Icematic is proud to introduce its patented system for programmable ice production with this innovative APP.

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Ice, in its various forms, is an indispensable element for bars, restaurants, discos, lounges, hotels and fast foods. Icematic provides different solutions for every need for freshness.


Icematic flake and granular ice are essential not only for the processing and storage of foods, typically such as raw fish, meat, fruits and dairy products, but also for their better aesthetic presentation in fish markets, butchers and fruit and vegetable shops.


Icematic flake and granular ice are used more and more also in the industrial sector, for the realization of some specific processes, in particular in winemaking, in the frozen food industry, in pasta processing and in the preparation of bread, in the transportation sector, in construction and in many other sectors.
Ice is used from storage to the various stages of mixing with raw materials.


Icematic granular ice is also widely used in the hospital / medical sector which includes various areas: from analysis laboratories to the pharmaceutical industry, from rehabilitation to post-operative care.
The use of ice also finds great application in wellness, beauty farms and sports clubs.


ICE FLAVOUR system is the brand new patent filed by Icematic, concerning the realization of icemakers that can produce aromatized ice, according to the timing and choices of the bartender

Icematic at Sigep Rimini 2024

Icematic will be present at Sigep Rimini 2024, the 45th International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World, from 20 to 24 January.

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