We can divide the cleaning of ice makers into two steps:

  1. CLEANING OF THE STORAGE DEPOSIT: recommended at least once a week to maintain proper sanitation, considering that the ice produced is administered to users. This job can be done using normal household appliance cleaning products, as long as they are not acidic. Remember that the material with which the deposit is formed is treated with anti-bacterial products based on silver salts, but this does not replace its normal cleaning.
  2. CIRCUIT CLEANING: recommended at least twice a year, to remove the presence of limescale and / or mold and / or algae that inevitably form over time from the entire water circuit and from all parts in contact with the water. The frequency of cleaning depends on the hardness of the water, so it is possible that in the presence of particularly “hard” waters, rich in calcium, it is necessary to carry out a more frequent thorough cleaning. Our manufacturers integrate in the software a special function called “washing cycle”, to be used for this operation. Circuit cleaning can also be carried out by unskilled personnel, carefully following the instructions in the user manual supplied with the equipment (“Cleaning” item). For this operation, use citric acid only.

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